Who We Are



A 1st century Aramaic Christian greeting which we felt was an appropriate name for the Company. As fully independent with over 25 years trading experience to over 24 destinations, Maranatha Tours is a name you can trust for quality, sensitivity and reliability.



Although we are not a religious organization, nor ministry, or in association with any, our varied backgrounds ensure that we fully understand and aim to be of service to the whole Christian community.



Run by a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about giving the highest possible standard of service. For us, it’s not a job but a life.



Our client base is truly international which includes not only the UK but China, Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, France, Norway, USA and Brazil. We plan and operate groups from these countries to Middle East and European destinations as well as to the UK for Heritage Tours.



Our international staff and representatives based at our destinations ensure our level of service to you is second to none. This is achieved by careful monitoring of overseas daily standards and services.


Travel Maranatha – Trust Maranatha!



Mission Statement


Being an independent company of some 25 years of trading and operating group visits to over 24 countries, our aim is...


To be of service to the whole Christian community.


To be sensitive to the background and profile of our clients.


To at all times preserve the credibility of our group leaders/clients.


To facilitate in every possible way the aims and goals of each journey.


To work with client itinerary ideas and not impose our own.


To support with quality, personalised materials in support of clients.


To monitor and control all aspects of services in each destination.


To deal honestly and fairly in all aspects of our business.


To honour and respect the trust that our clients place in us.






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