Below is a list of some of the charities that we materially & financially support.

This list is continually reviewed and updated.

The overseas institutions can be incorporated into a group visit.

Full details are available from each contact listed below.

Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation/ BETHLEHEM

BASR has worked progressively upon its commitment to enhance the overall quality of life of persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups.

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Al-Shurooq School for Blind Children/ BETHLEHEM

In 1981, the school for blind children was established as the educational facility of the society, with the aim of providing the blind and visually impaired with the appropriate education and equal opportunity.

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Holy Family Hospital/ BETHLEHEM

The hospital has delivered over 40,000 babies since 1990 (now over 3,200 deliveries annually) and provides the only available medical care for high-risk pregnancies.

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St. John Eye Hospital/ JERUSALEM

The original St John Eye Hospital was established in Jerusalem in 1882 and in 2010, treated 102,382 patients - 34,238 under the age of 18. Training local Doctors and Nurses is also an essential objective.

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The Forest of Lebanon Cedar Friends/ LEBANON

A committee was founded on October 25, 1985 to take care of all forests in the Becharry district, to develop the region, set up installations necessary to protect the forests and to remove all harmful and detrimental elements.

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The Jerusalem National Forest/ ISRAEL

JNF, historically committed to strengthening the ties between man and land, has led successful efforts to ensure the legislative protection of designated areas and forests. With today's technological advances, JNF's role as guardian of the land becomes ever more critical.

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WTB Ministries BX


Bible Explorer lessons are non-denominational and non-conversionary. The team consists of over 350 trained Bible Explorer presenters in the UK. Bible Explorer is an educational programme taught exclusively in schools to children in Key Stage 2 years 5 & 6. They have taught well over 400,000 children, but aim to reach every child in every school, with your help!



Paraclete Christian Network International


Current Projects include:

+ The staffing and running of the resource centre in Southwick, W. Sussex.

+ Involvement in Christian Training programmes in various locations throughout the U.K.

+ Oversight of and ministry into the English Church for residents and tourists in Benidorm, Spain.

+ Oversight of Kuwadzana Christian Training School for lay people in Kuwadzana, Harare, Zimbabwe.





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